Wanting to draw of the even if brief biographic notes for a polyhedral artist, creative and for some verses unpredictable as Evan de Vilde; it cannot leave aside from a summary excursus on his artistic activities, that anyway they represent only a part of the wide range of interests.

Founder of the archeo-realism, Evan de Vilde starts a project of big breath, that is incardinated on two main principles: the “DIACRONISMO” of the things and the recovery of the memory. Objects of different nature, coming from the past, as archaeological findings, fossils or ancient parchments and/or everythings that can have “ dignity of memory”, they are included in the ambit of a modern contest that it will become like that to a time guardian and messenger in the time. Firmly convinced that it cannot be future without the requisition, aware of the own roots, he stimulates in this way our reflection.

Genial and active searcher in the food intolerance’s field, Evan is also writer , poet, designer, creator and organizer of events, a lot of them at national and international level. Although the young age , being he born just in the 1973, thanks to an intensive activity he can boast to his credit the realization of several events and prestigious exhibitions , like Grande Napoli Arte” al Maschio Angioino of Napoli, La Grande illusioneto the archives of the State of Rome, Convergenze parallele to the Museo borbonico of Scafati, personals to Palazzo Gravina (NA), exhibition to the museum Sala Orsini Formello (Roma), to Lowen palace of Berlin, and envoy to the Biennale of Venice with three works to Nervi Palace (TO), to the Biennale of Florence, the Biennale of Lecce, to the museum of contemporary Art of Fonte Nuova, over that other countless institutional sites and galleries on the national territory.
As an aside, Orler family wanted him in the review of the artists presented in Tv, and he is present on N. 47 and 48 of Arte Moderna and on the Modern Art Encyclopedic Dictionary. Tireless promoter of the culture ‘ tout court’ he is instructed to draw a text on the impressionism of Thorwald Alef with the sponsorship of the Embassy of Sweden and he is projecting a treaty on the archeo-realism all thought in ‘ZEN ‘ key, even he is promoter and founder of The Biennale Of Naples, event for which he called a concourse ad hoc for the creation of a special logo for this big cultural event.

As business owner, he relieved and manages a museum space: the DAMA (to the civic museum of Capua ) , offering to young artists a concrete possibility to show his own creativity.
De Vilde is also an avid corrector: boasts of a collection of over five hundreds of archaeological findings, collected in years of avid and competent search in every world’s side, all regularly declared in Superintendence and significant pictures gallery of Modern Art’ s works, some of which in permanence and exhibition to DAMA.

Definitely I define him even that an artist a true patron of culture.

Antonio Geirola
Art’s Expert