DSCF4325-1024x768Class 1973, De Vilde is a young artist of remarkable success, he is already present in several artistic –cultural locations private and public.

Since when he was a child , he cultivated the passion for the art and the archaeology that with time they fused in a one thought, the Archeorealism.

Ancheorealism is a new concept, a new art , where authentic findings are installed in modern compositions of contemporary art and this contrast that it is created wants to bring at light as the modern society lost all those values that belonged to the past.

The technological progress is maker of the removal from the ‘ modus vivendi’ of yesterday, indeed today they focus and things more ephemeral and fleeting, ignoring every things , first the friendship.

Today we have a lot of friends on the social, but often we don’t know them personally , we are no longer used to the meeting, to the dialogue, to live among people.

Often we feel strong, in our solitude, not understanding that slowly we are isolating ourselves from every things that is around us, starting from the simple and daily things .

De Vilde ’s works , even to have a determined artistic and commercial value, they have an intrinsic value of starting, because the archeological objects, are fruit of sells coming from several house of international auction.

He participated to several exhibitions, national and international, between which the 54th Biennale of Venice, even he is present to the Contemporary art Museum Of Fonte Nova in Rome , to the Garvina Palace of Napoli, and To The Sala Orsini Formello of Rome, to the Loewn Palace of Berlin.

Invited on December 2011 to the Biennal of Florence with three works, on June 20011 he organizes a review , la ‘ Grande Napoli Arte’, to the Maschio Angioino.

In 2014 was been one of the key protagonist of the Three –year of Roma.

Mario Garbetta Jr. art’s expert.